Lighter Side of the Campus Safety Blotter

Katelynn McGinley

Staff Reporter

In this issue’s episode of As the Hill Turns, we’ve got quite a lot on our plate – it looks like some of the more creative members of the campus are getting a little strapped cash and have taken to breaking into cars and running scams. Awesome! Last time I checked, this was McDaniel, not Ocean’s 11. Get a part time job at Safeway or something, y’all, because these robbery shenanigans aren’t cool.

The Rouzer Boys and their inexplicable love affair with fire extinguishers continue to baffle and confuse, but the resident’s of Blanche haven’t exactly been on their best behavior either, what with reports of broken doors, public drunkenness, and pulling fire alarms – but if they really want to get on the Rouzer Boys level, they’re going to have to step up their game a tiny bit. Until you have had a live bat running around your building and an armed robbery, you’re still in the amateur leagues.

A student was written up for littering outside of the Garden Apartments, and while we’re glad to see that Campus Safety is following through with McDaniel’s efforts to go green, we were less glad to see all the reports of harassment and assault – even a possible sexual assault that took place in Academic Hall over the Homecoming weekend. Not funny – never funny. Come on, McDaniel – wasn’t the beating we took from Ursinus over Homecoming embarrassing enough?