America’s Next Top Fashion Show Delights

Phoebe Bafu

Staff Reporter

On Saturday March 27, McDaniel’s own Black Student Union (BSU) hosted its annual fashion show called “Mystery at the House of Color” in Alumni Theatre to an excited crowd.

President of the BSU, Kandice Wilson as Michael Jackson in the finale to the BSU Fashion ShowThe fashion show, which was both aesthetically and conceptually appealing, presented acrobats, trapeze artists, daredevils, and animal trainers draped in innovative and stylish clothing.

Members of the BSU executive board Niya Wills (the “ringleader of the show”) and Kwei Parek (one of the show’s model) started rehearsal for the “Mystery at the House of Color” in early February and recruited some models from St. Mary’s College. With the help of other members of BSU, Wills and Parek made custom outfits and designs for the show instead of having a clothing store sponsor them.

The results were fresh, fierce outfits that would rival the fashions shown of Project Runway and bold, confident walks from the models that would impress America’s Next top Model judge Miss Jay.

BSU’s collaboration with St. Mary’s College resulted in a fantastic fashion show which raised over $600,00,which is a $200.00 increase from last year’s revenue. Some of event’s the proceeds will be given BSU’s Relay for Life team.“The biggest reward of all the hours of practice put into the show is the show itself, “ said Dwight Carmon, a member of BSU, who also said he was happy with the show’s success.

Gestly Fisher, an attendant of “Mystery at the house of Color” believes that his $8 was well spent. He said it seemed like those in the show and those watching it had a lot of fun. Isn’t that the same goal of respectable circus? Bravo.