How to Save a Buck

Emma Simon

Features Editor

The saying, “Broke College Students” was formulated for one reason: It’s true! With inconsistent daily class schedules, it can be very difficult to get a decent paying job with enough hours. Then there’s the tuition bill, a rather intimidating number which far exceeds the life savings of most students.

After that whopping tuition bill, students face expenses linked to all the room essentials: Bedding, an alarm clock, a television, various toiletries, and of course, clothes.

With all of these money-dissolvers combined, many students end up feeling eternally broke. However, there are some steps that can be taken in order to save money rather than waste it.

  • Use your meal plan. All students without kitchens are required to have one and it is already paid for, so you may as well get your money’s worth.
  • Find a campus job (especially if you receive a Work Study Award).
  • Buy used books online. Amazon and have some great deals.
  • Skip out on the drinking. It will save money, calories, and a possible alcohol citation.
  • Take advantage of on-campus events. Most of them are free, and the ones that do cost money will be far less expensive than most off-campus entertainment.
  • Open a savings account. When you get paychecks, deposit them and forget them. It will definitely pay off later.
  • Don’t carry cash or cards around. It’s tempting to spend money if it’s readily available, so keep it in the bank instead of the pockets.

“I have a hollowed out book in my bookshelf and about once a week I put in 5 or ten dollars. By the end of the semester, I am packing my books and I say ‘Oh wow, money!,” said John Maddrey ‘11.

“I try not to buy a lot of coffee from the Budapest Cafe, I have a coffee maker in my room, but remember it has to have automatic shut-off!,” said Samantha Lambert ’12.