A Capella Group Forms on Campus

On February 12th sophomores Hanna Martin and Lisa Staples held auditions for a new a capella

group on campus. Martin and Staples are in the process of assembling the new musical group

and are hoping to perform on campus as early as right after spring break.


Martin, a Music, English, and Philosophy major, first became a member of an a capella group in

high school. Staples has also been involved with an a capella group since high school.


The two decided to start this group because they noticed the absence of a similar group on

campus. Martin said that it seemed unusual for a college to not have such a common music

form. Staples said that she has wanted to started an a capella group since she first started here.

Martin said that they especially felt motivated to start a group like this with the current success

of “Glee.”


Martin said they have already had 8 people audition and they are looking to have between 10

to 12 members in the choir. She also said that they would take auditions and add to the group

throughout the year. She said they are looking for men as well as women to participate in the



Martin also explained what they are looking for in potential choir members and said the most

important attribute a singer can have is confidence. Staples added that volume is an important

characteristic of an a capella singer.


The group is planning to sing a variety of music including pop music, but Staples and Martin are

also open to suggestions from the group.


Martin and Staples said that the group will not necessarily have a choir director, but rather work

as a collaborative team each depending on each other to learn their parts. However, Staples said

they will be in charge of writing the music for the vocal parts.


If you are interested in participating in the group contact one of the co-founders, Hanna Martin at

hem002@mcdaniel.edu or Lisa Staples at las001@mcdaniel.edu.