Changes Ahead for Campus Improv Groups

Whether they are practicing in Little Baker or on the main stage, McDaniel’s two main improv groups are expecting changes.

Well known Danger Sauce will be saying goodbye to five senior members after this semester and welcoming in three new ingredients bringing them to a total of 12 members. “The main thing is that we’ve recruited a lot of underclassmen so that the group won’t die after we all graduate,” says senior member Cindy Sordo.

The group won’t be making any large changes. The only other change that the campus should be on the lookout for is more advertising of Danger Sauce’s shows and events to help them bring in a bigger and more diverse audience.

“It will be sad to see Danger Sauce’s core members go, most of which who have been in the Sauce for the past four years, but we made sure to choose awesomely talented, creative, and hilarious new ingredients to the bunch. They’ll keep the sauce spicy and most importantly dangerous!” says Sordo.

Never fear though, as the outlook of Danger Sauce is still a very happy one. They plan to not only incorporate the new ingredients, but also new games to spice up the show.

Sordo is very positive about the outlook of the group. “The new ingredients are definitely going to be different from the older ones, but change is good! The Sauce will be fresh next year.”

So if any students are in need of a little danger to spice up your spirits during midterms, look for a Danger Sauce show around Wednesday, March 9. Otherwise, keep on the lookout for their next performance that will be held in Old Gill Gym on March 25 during the Up ‘Til Dawn event.

The other improv group on campus that you can look forward to seeing some changes from is Beep Beep Broccoli. Don’t remember who they are? Here is a quick refresher.

Beep Beep Broccoli was founded last year by junior Cat Black and sophomore Chase Busto in an effort to develop a group that was a way for a bunch of eclectic people with weird ideas to put them out there by video.

“Beep Beep Broccoli is a viral video club that is still lacking a definition,” says Broccoli parent Busto, “we’re still trying to figure out what we are exactly.”

Beep Beep Broccoli has hit the ground running posting more videos in the past month than they did last semester according to Broccoli parent Cat Black.

Six new broccoli pieces have also been added to the group recently. “We’ve got a group of around 12 or 13 people now and I’m really looking forward to what we can pull together with some of the new people,” states sophomore member Ryan Powell.

“We plan to be less chaotic and more experimental, more serious with productions,” says Busto, “I wouldn’t say it’s a change but more or less an upgrade.”

Video production and editing is what the group’s main focus is on at this point. Their plan is to focus more on video editing and production in order to provide better videos to the McDaniel community. Powell, who is excited to be involved with the group and to focus more on the editing aspect, says “Spring break will be prime film-editing time.”

You can look for more videos of the group by searching for them on Facebook or their YouTube page.