Around Wesminster

For a little town, Westminster is pretty centrally located near really cool places. Freshmen, if you haven’t got a car, make friends with someone who does for some of the spots on this list.


Baugher’s Orchard: Lucky for us, the Market portion of this family business is right at the bottom of the hill. But if you’ve got a car and a day to spend, check out the Orchard up the road. Seasonally, they offer hayrides into the Orchard itself where you can pick your own produce (or pumpkins in fall!) This location features a super-sized version of the market and a petting zoo, as well.


Downtown Westminster: Grab a few friends and explore the town. There are unique shops and eateries scattered up and down Main Street and you’ll get a better picture of what Westminster has to offer.


The Owings Mills Metro: Take the metro down to Camden Yards on a Friday for $5 student tickets to baseball games or into Baltimore for a bit of shopping, or maybe a concert.


Check out the Arts Council: Elsewhere in this issue, there’s a bit of an explanation about the happenings at the Arts Council, but it’s safe to assume there is always something going on worth checking out—movies especially. You’ll find something interesting and/or foreign you’ve never seen before, shown in a nicer, cleaner theatre, for cheaper. Worth it.


Thunderhead Bowl: About 20 minutes up the road in Taneytown is Thunderhead Bowl. It’s the closest bowling alley we’ve got (and is also where the bowling class is held—yes, that’s a real class for gym credit, in case you didn’t know).