Fighting for The Cab

This is one of those instances where I really wish that review writing was as simple as writing “Check out this album, trust me.” It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say about Symphony Soldiers by The Cab. It’s just that everyone seriously needs to listen to this album. It’s just that good.

So I guess I should answer the question of what makes this album just so good. First, the album is truly a work of sweat, tears and a lot of hard work. For those who know nothing about The Cab, know this: the band first came onto the scene in 2008 and were quickly known as a band worthy of knowing. But for their sophomore album, the band struck out on their own away from their Fueled by Ramen/Decadence record deal and self released and self funded the entire album. So if nothing else, this album was the product of some extremely hard work.

Ok, enough about The Cab history- what makes this album in particular great? After digital and online music sales (iTunes) started taking over the music selling scene, there was a huge drop off of what we would traditionally call an album (a 12-14 track compilation of songs). Lately, it’s almost as if having one hot single is more important than putting together an album of great songs. For The Cab, they truly have broken this mold with Symphony Soldier. This album has a very definite theme that stays consistent throughout the entire album. That theme is conflict, not necessarily war like the album title might imply, but relationship conflicts. This theme gives the album a very consistent feeling and sound from the first track to the last.

Another way I like to describe this album is with the phrase “If I could have sex with one album, this would be the album.” It’s kind of weird thinking of sex in the most literal way in regards to an album, but go with me on this. Not only is Alexander DeLeon’s voice the sound equivalent of butter (smooth and sweet, but oh so bad for you), but the instrumentals on this album are divine.

If you’re skeptical about The Cab- just know that some of the best in pop music helped in the making of this album. Co-writers included Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Martin Johnson of Boys Like Girls, and Pete Wentz. While this is a very pop sounding and friendly album, that certainly doesn’t mean that it is lacking in creativity or quality.

So what are you waiting for? Check out The Cab’s new album Symphony Soldier (it’s streaming for free right now on their Facebook) and let us know what you think.