Local Film Group looks for McDaniel student volunteers!

As McDaniel students, we want to be as involved in the local Carroll County community as much as possible. There’s one local film group that is always looking for new volunteers. Come check out Film Lovers in Carroll County (FLICC) and you’ll be in for a nice treat!


In 2007, FLICC was created in order to meet the needs of the Carroll County citizens who love film. FLICC shows a variety of foreign and independent films that inspire hope and entertain audiences.


Member Frank Baylor says “attendance for film presentations at the Arts Center had been erratic since the Center was opened in 2002. There seemed no rhyme or reason to what the community wished to see. Showing film at the Arts Center was always considered to be a part of the programming mix but it should be able to support itself with enough attendance to at least break even. The intention for creating a group, which became FLICC, was to try to present films that would appeal to the Arts Council members and the rest of Carroll County.”


What kind of impact has FLICC had on Carroll County? Mr. Baylor stated, “I hope we have brought more of the community into the Arts Center by providing an alternative film experience that is not available nearby. If you wish to see small budget, independent or foreign language films on the big screen you would otherwise have to travel to Baltimore, Silver Spring or Gettysburg.”


In the past, FLICC has shown The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (which is hugely popular) and sentimental foreign pieces like “The Way Home.” Please join FLICC at the Carroll Arts Center for A Touch of Spice on Friday evening, November 18th 2011 at 7:30 PM. Cost: $6 adults / $5 CCAC Members, Seniors 60+, Students under 18. Check FLICC out on Facebook and visit the Carroll Arts Center website at www.carrollcountyartscouncil.org


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    Please make sure to join the Film lovers in Carroll County Group!!!!! Do you want to get involved in picking movies for the Carroll Arts Center? Do you love to discuss movies with other local film buffs? Then FLICC is the right group for you!!! Check out FLICC on Facebook and "Like" our page to keep up to date with all movie showings, meetings and events! http://www.facebook.com/pages/flicc-film-lovers-i
    I've been a member since the group started in 2007 and have loved being a part of this wonderful group. Make sure to join FLICC!! You'll love it!!! All meetings take place at the Carroll Arts Center located at 91 West Main Street in Westminster, Maryland. Hope that you can join us! JOIN FLICC (FILM LOVERS IN CARROLL COUNTY!)

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