From the Editor

The Free Press has been going through a lot of changes lately.  You may have noticed the downsizing of our print efforts and more frequent posting to the website.  This is in an effort to join the ranks of other college and real-world media organizations in exploring what online journalism has to offer.

Three staff members went to the Journalism Interactive conference in College Park a couple weekends ago, and brought back so many ideas.  Our staff has been researching what other college newspapers are doing, and we’ve been brainstorming solutions to the problems that everyone is currently facing: How do we adjust deadlines to reflect the immediacy required by online journalism?; How do we handle the new ethical issues brought about by new media?; What does this mean for print?; and more.

To our readers, we appreciate that you have stuck by us through these changes, and hope that you continue to be patient as we continue to learn with the industry.  Surely, even more changes are ahead.  We ask you to remember that this is a student-run publication.  We are all learning while working together to reach a common goal.

During this process, we ask you to help us by giving us feedback.  What changes do you like?  Where can we improve?  What content do you want to see?  Do you find our content relevant?  You can always submit a Letter to the Editor or send us an email, or find an editor and talk to us in person.  But right now, we’re trying to make it a bit easier by putting out this survey:  Oh, and whoever takes the survey will be entered to win an awesome prize.