Out-Pick Matt: Weeks 7+8

In “Out-Pick Matt,” football fans try to predict the outcomes of National Football League games better than McDaniel Free Press Co-Sports Editor Matthew Arnold.  Again for this edition, the challenger is fellow Free Press sports writer Dan Lamond.


Week 7


San Diego Chargers at New York Jets:

Dan says: Jets.  The Jets defense will have to compensate for Mark Sanchez’s lack of offensive production and escape with a narrow victory.

Matt says:  Chargers.  There are very few quarterbacks with enough talent to elude the Jets’ stifling defense, but Phillip Rivers is one of them.


Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans:

Dan says: Titans.  This game will come down to a battle of running backs, with Chris Johnson edging out Arian Foster for a bigger day to give the Titans the win.

Matt says: Texans.  I’m still not completely sold on Matt Hasselbeck and Tennessee this year, although Houston will have to work hard to make up for the loss of Andre Johnson if he is still injured.


Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers:

Dan says: Panthers.  Cam Newton will pass for another 300+ yards and connect with Steve Smith multiple times to give the Panthers a win over the Redskins.

Matt says: Redskins.  Washington is playing way over their heads this year, and with the NFC East surprisingly wide open this year, I think we’re in for a surprise in Carolina.


Chicago Bears vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at Wembley Stadium in London):

Dan says: Bears.  Brian Urlacher and the Bears defense will be too much for Josh Freeman to overcome and the Bears will walk out of London victorious.

Matt says: Buccaneers.  Tampa Bay had a rough game in San Francisco and will have a tough game with New Orleans, so I would look for them to rebound against the Bears in Wembley.


Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns:

Dan says: Browns.  Peyton Hillis will prove to be too much for the Seahawks defense to contain and he will lead the Browns to a home victory over the Seahawks.

Matt says: Browns.  The Seahawks, in traditional NFC West tradition, will follow up a big win in New York with a lackluster effort in Cleveland.


Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions:

Dan says: Lions.  The Lions terrifying defense will shut down Matt Ryan and company while Calvin Johnson will continue his impressive touchdown streak to give the Lions a “W.”

Matt says: Lions.  Matt Ryan has looked underwhelming so far this season, and the Lions are still proving to be a force to be reckoned with.


Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins:

Dan says: Broncos.  Tim Tebow will give the Broncos a gutsy effort to lead the team he recently took over to a win on the road against the Dolphins.

Matt says: Broncos.  The Dolphins will be honoring Tim Tebow and his Florida Gators…before his first start for the opposition.  Don’t be surprised if this is the last game for Tony Sparano as the coach in Miami.


Pittsburgh Steelers at Arizona Cardinals:

Dan says: Steelers.  The Steelers defense will shut down Arizona’s Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald at home leading them a victory in the Desert.

Matt says: Steelers.  Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals have been a major disappointment this year, look for Pittsburgh to roll with ease.


Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders:

Dan says: Raiders.  The Raiders will continue their impressive season over the injury plagued Chiefs and win yet another game at home.

Matt says: Raiders.  Speaking of disappointments, the Chiefs have rebounded from early futility with wins over Minnesota and Indianapolis.  Look for this trend to end in the Black Hole.


Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings:

Dan says: Packers.  Aaron Rodgers will continue to light up the scoreboard against the offensively challenged Vikings and give the Packers a win over their rivals.

Matt says: Packers.  The Packers have five wide receivers who would start on just about any NFL team, and one of the most electrifying tight ends in the game; the Vikings’ defense have blown three sizable fourth quarter leads.  This should be a fairly easy win for Green Bay


St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys:

Dan says: Cowboys.  This season has not been too kind to the Cowboys with their tough schedule thus far, but a visit from the Rams at home could be a major turning point in their season.

Matt says: Cowboys.  The Giants, Ravens, and Redskins agree, there’s nothing quite like the 2011 Rams to cure what ails you.  Look for Tony Romo to get back on track against St. Louis in Jerryworld.


Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints:

Dan says: Saints.  Drew Brees will continue his offensive tear against the Peyton Manning-less Colts, who have struggled to find their offense during Manning’s absence.

Matt says: Saints.  I feel bad for NBC, seeing as this is not the clash of the titans they selected before the season.  Look for the Saints to run roughshod over the Colts’ defense, and the Saints’ D to give Curtis Painter another rough day at the office.


Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars:

Dan says: Ravens.  The Ravens will walk all over the Jaguars on both sides of the football during the primetime Monday night game of the week.

Matt says: Ravens.  The theme of national networks regretting their decisions for this week will continue, as the Ravens should roll over Blaine Gabbert and Jacksonville.


Byes: Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers


Week 8


New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams:

Dan says: Saints

Matt says: Saints


Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans:

Dan says: Texans

Matt says: Texans


Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens:

Dan says: Ravens

Matt says: Ravens


Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers:

Dan says: Panthers

Matt says: Panthers


Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans:

Dan says: Titans

Matt says: Titans


Miami Dolphins at New York Giants:

Dan says: Dolphins

Matt says: Giants


Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos:

Dan says: Lions

Matt says: Lions


Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills:

Dan says: Bills

Matt says: Bills


Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks:

Dan says: Seahawks

Matt says: Bengals


New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers:

Dan says: Patriots

Matt says: Patriots


Cleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers:

Dan says: 49ers

Matt says: 49ers


Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles:

Dan says: Eagles

Matt says: Cowboys


San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs:

Dan says: Chargers

Matt says: Chargers


Byes: Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers