Best and Worst Commercials From Super Bowl XLVI

For some, watching the Super Bowl is an annual tradition to see the NFL’s two best teams from that season go head to head. But for others who might not care too much about football. The Super Bowl is an opportunity to see brand new commercials.

Senior Chris Bowman stated, “personally I don’t care about the game at all and I’m watching to see some hilarious commercials.”

Companies work hard to develop new commercials and spend millions of dollars so their product can be advertised for a few seconds to people all over the world.

According to the Associated Press, companies were forced to pony up an average of $3.5 million for a 30 second clip for the viewers at home to see. It was estimated that there would be more than 111 million people watching the Patriots and the Giants play the final game of the season.

Commercials are talked about long after the game is over, so an effective commercial can result in extreme exposure for a product or a company. Viewers will show their friends commercials what they enjoyed and talk about them, effectively spreading the word while also promoting a product. Here are some of the best and worst commercials from Super Bowl Sunday.



Dorito’s- Man’s Best Friend

This hilarious commercial involved a man being bribed by his dog with Doritos in order to claim he has no idea what happened to the family cat.

Junior Chris Steinheimer recalled, “the note the dog wrote was hilarious and reminded me of my own dog.” The commercial garnered a good laugh and put the product of Doritos in viewer’s minds.


M&M- Meeting Ms. Brown

One of the first commercials of the game also turned out to be one of the funniest of the whole game. Ms. Brown M&M is arrogantly talking about herself when a red M&M sees her and thinks she is naked. LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” begins to play and the now naked M&M does a hilarious dance.

Junior Ben Grant said, “that was one of the funniest commercials I have seen in years. I made sure all my friends saw it and sent the YouTube link to those who didn’t get to.”



Chevrolet- Apocalypse

Chevy generally does not provide humorous commercials, but this Super Bowl commercial was so bad that it was funny. Chevy openly called out competitor Ford in saying that people who drove Fords did not survive the apocalypse while, different generations of Chevy owners were the only survivors.

Freshman Jon Schwartz said, “I don’t know much about making commercials, but I’m sure openly stating the name of a competing company is never a good idea.” Body Paint almost always goes for sex appeal in their commercials but this time, that approach did not work.

Sophomore Casey Roberds said, “It was trying too hard to be sexy and it just failed miserably. It was definitely the worst commercial I saw during the Super Bowl.”

The commercial showed model Natalia Velez appearing to be naked with Danica Patrick body painting ads all over her body. The sex appeal for the commercial just did not work, better luck next year