Free Press Mythbustin’

You were totally going to hit up the Carl Sagan Appreciation Club this semester, but it just happens to meet during your Thursday afternoon Reddit session. That’s important, man. And you totally would have stopped by that table in Ensor (what were they selling again?), but you had a very important Glar date to attend to. You thought about joining that one club, that really cool one with the posters all over campus, but, hey, there’s just no time!

We understand. We all have our missions, our priorities, and our own ways of spending time. But we also know that, as with all student organizations, there might be some preconceived notions floating around campus about what being on the Free Press staff entails. For that reason, I’m about to go Adam Savage on y’all and mythbust a few misconceptions that may have kept you from stopping by a meeting.

After talking with some fellow students, there seem to be a few statements that are shared by the masses in regard to involvement with the Free Press.

“I can’t commit to writing every week!”

While we welcome regular content from our writers, if you have one idea that you’ve been itching to express, you are welcome to write just that story. Think of the Free Press as an online soapbox, a way for you to reach a wide audience with your concerns.

“I have nothing to say.”

If you’re involved with another organization on campus, you do. If you have a hobby, you do. If you sometimes look at the hot line in Glar and resign yourself to cereal for yet another night, you definitely do.

“But writing a story takes too long!”

You don’t have to be the one to launch an investigation about exactly what sort of renovations are in motion to make Rouzer livable for both sexes, though we’d love to meet you if you’re that guy. Journalism in general is tightening, becoming more condensed and concise. There are several ways to contribute content without writing multiple pages. Additionally, we love to receive video content!

“I’m not an English or Communication major!”

Writers with varying interests, majors, and perspectives help us vary our content and provide a more even view of campus. Furthermore, if you have skills in graphic design or marketing, we’d love to talk to you about working on layout or helping with advertising. Whatever your role in the Free Press, involvement with a student newspaper is a great addition to your resume.

Make this the semester that you attend a meeting and share your ideas. Meetings are held on Tuesday nights at 8PM in the Free Press Room below Rouzer. See you there!