Free Press for free students

Fall 2020 Editorial Team: Molly, Ciara and Jake. Rachel was onboarded to the Editorial Team the following semester, Spring 2021.

Today, Feb. 26, marks Student Press Freedom Day. This year’s celebration focuses on journalism against the odds, “in acknowledgment of the phenomenal news coverage student journalists produced despite being faced with these incredible challenges” writes the Student Press Law Center website.

The Free Press has always strived to keep our campus and local community well informed. This year has especially pushed us beyond normal boundaries. We were there when the COVID-19 pandemic took over our campus, we shared student’s stories about their first-time voting experiences during a crucial election, and gave voice to student’s experiences on campus.

Being apart of the journalism community allows writers to drive culture. Journalists have the privilege and opportunity to use their platform to publish impactful stories to inform the public. Through the press, we are able to document a living history of people, places, events, challenges, dreams, and stories, as they happen.

Student journalists actively keep the community informed and hold leadership accountable. They must be able to do their jobs without fear of censorship or intimidation. Students’ stories are just as important as anyone else’s, and they deserve to be shared.

The Free Press works hard to make sure the members of the McDaniel community are heard and listened to. We believe our community is naturally interested in the news we cover and honor their intelligence and wit. We strive to be great storytellers and advocates for truth.

We hope to be representative of our community. We are committed to seeking new perspectives, because the more eyes we have on issues, the more interpretations we have, the more we can discover about the stories and ourselves. We recognize and appreciate our responsibility to our community through the eyes, ears, and mouth of the press.

Thank you to all our writers, staff reporters, contributors and editors, as well as our photographers. Thank you to our advisors for supporting the freedom of student press and advocating for us in administrative spaces. Thank you to our community for sharing their stories with our publication.

We would like to give shout outs to Tracy Fleming, our proclaimed ‘friend of the Free Press,’ for her committed support and the times she goes out her way to share tips and story insight, and to Kate Dobson, P.h.D, for her legal advising, keen rhetoric assistance on stories, and unwavering support during a particularly testing year.

If you’re curious, looking at our world, and watching through your unique eyes, we remind you of this: every good story begins with a question. We welcome you to be free, to write for the Free Press, and to make your voice heard.