Scotty’s is the new 24/7 food spot on campus

(Rachel Allen / McDaniel Free Press)

McDaniel has opened a new food spot named “Scotty’s Convenience Store” located in the middle entry of ROJ student center. 

This is the only 24/7 shop for food on campus. Scotty’s offers a large variety of snacks and drinks. It is a grocery store styled shop which has foods such as frozen meals, cheese and meat trays, yogurt, chips, candy and more. Scotty’s also has many options for drinks such as energy drinks, coffee, teas and smoothies. 

With COVID-19, McDaniel encourages students to stay on campus as much as possible to avoid outside exposure. Scotty’s provides a great place with many options which were not found on campus before. Students can find many items in Scotty’s that were not found on campus before. 

With the simple swipe of the McDaniel ID, students are granted access to tons of food and drink options. Apart from the 24/7 convenience, Scotty’s also allows students to scan items and pay through a self-checkout. It has provided members of the McDaniel community with a new and safer alternative than needing to go to the grocery store for certain foods or drinks.