Students feel the effects of COVID-19 restrictions on campus life

(Rachel Allen / McDaniel Free Press)

As the spring semester approached, McDaniel students were faced with the decision of whether to reside on campus. Students had to take into consideration the cost and the experiences being on campus provide. 

While many students chose to live on campus, there were many students who decided to stay home. A common reason students decided not to reside on campus was because of the restrictions McDaniel has in place due to COVID-19.

“I felt like I would be more comfortable living in an environment without strict restrictions on what I can and can’t do,” said senior Joey Conklin.          

Conklin resided at home last semester as well. He says a huge reason he stayed home is because of the rule in place preventing visitors on campus. 

Freshman Brianna Cole stayed home both fall and spring semester as well. She also says it is not worth being on campus.

I decided to stay home this semester because of the restrictions that COVID-19 still hold at the campus itself, it did not make sense for me to move in,” said freshman Brianna Cole.

Another factor students took into consideration was cost. With a hybrid learning environment, some students felt the cost to live on campus was too much.

“The only change that would have made me want to stay on campus more would have been a reduction of the cost for living on campus, especially with having a majority of my classes online or hybrid,” said freshman Morgan Crouse.

Apart from the academics, students feel a big part of college is the social aspect. Students found that the rules resulted in them having to spend a lot more time in their dorms. 

“I lived on campus last semester but decided not to come back,” said freshman David Kokora.

Kokora says it was hard to be in a dorm all the time where you could not have anyone in the dorm other than your roommate.

“There is barely anything to do on campus. It is even harder when I can’t have my own friends or even floormates in my dorm to hang out with me,” said Kokora. “If there were more events and activities on campus, it would have made me want to stay more.”

McDaniel students know COVID-19 is serious and understand why rules and restrictions are in place. However, they wish staff would take into consideration how the rules affect campus life.

“I think the breaking point for me was not being allowed to have people from outside in your apartment or in your room. While I understand the need for these rules, I also feel that it is unrealistic to keep college kids from following this rule and it has created a more rebellious and secretive culture on campus,” said Conklin.