GLAR, Sans Protein

Over the summer, I became a vegetarian. One of my biggest fears while transitioning into a vegetarian lifestyle was that I would not be able to get enough protein and…

Dorm Food Essentials

Freshman year is the time when one learns how to adapt. There’s always something to do at the dorm, but if you’re not prepared, there isn’t always something to eat….

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Waste in GLAR

Did you notice the student waste sign in GLAR before spring break? If not, you probably don’t eat in GLAR or are too busy to notice giant signs. Either way,…

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Dorm Food Esstentials

Last summer, I turned to my mom at a cookout, mouth half full, and tried to clearly enunciate the thought that had just taken hold of me. “Mom,” I stated,…

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Appetizers of Westminster

Sophie Diven Staff Reporter Tired of Glar food? I know I am! As a McDaniel College student, I embarked on an adventure to find inexpensive, yet satisfying, appetizers from local…