Appetizers of Westminster

Sophie Diven

Staff Reporter

Tired of Glar food? I know I am! As a McDaniel College student, I embarked on an adventure to find inexpensive, yet satisfying, appetizers from local restaurants. Each restaurant is within walking distance from McDaniel College and each one offers affordable appetizers that will satisfy your taste buds. I discovered the most popular appetizers and several weekly specials that are a great alternative to the usual routine of Glar.

Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina:  The best appetizer is a full plate of nachos with melted cheese sauce ($3), which is big enough to be a meal replacement.  McDaniel students are able have a full meal for $5 at Salsarita’s.

Rafael’s Restaurant: The favorite appetizers are a close call between the bruschetta ($7.95) and the grilled asparagus ($8.95).  During Happy Hour (Monday- Friday 4p.m.- 7p.m.) there are half price appetizers, excluding seafood.

Johansson’s Dining House: The favorite appetizer, by a long shot, is the nachos ($8.99).  Don’t be fooled by the price, the plate will fill you up.  Don’t forget, $4 burgers on Mondays, half price wings on Wednesdays and steamed shrimp at $6.50/ lb. on Thursdays.

O’Lordans Irish Pub and Restaurant: It’s a close call between the Gaelic Prawns ($11.50) and the Crab Dip (12.00).  There are varying dinner specials daily.

Ernie’s Place: The mozzarella sticks ($4) are the definite favorite. There are also varying specials everyday of the week.