So you’ve signed up for sorority recruitment. Here’s what to expect:

(Art courtesy of Kaylen Buschhorn).

In a time where everyone is isolated and it seems harder than ever to form true connections, perhaps you’ve made the decision to sign up for formal recruitment. Going Greek is the perfect way for sorority members to become more involved on campus, meet new people, and broaden your horizons.

So, let’s get to know McDaniel’s four Panhellenic sororities:

Phi Sigma Sigma, better known as Phi Sig, has been on McDaniel’s campus since 1981. “Phi Sigma Sigma is committed to sharing values, creating lifelong friendships, and building a strong genuine sisterhood. Friendship, Faith, Love, Sincerity, Integrity and Strength are Phi Sig’s main virtues that distinguish our sorority from the rest,” said Kiera Ackerina, Phi Sig’s recruitment chair.

“Phi Sig is made up of a group of genuine girls with meaningful, supportive friendships that will last a lifetime who make the most of the leadership and volunteer opportunities presented to them,” said Ackerina.

Phi Sig’s philanthropy is school and college readiness, and they fundraise for schools and students that may not have the proper materials or funding for education. Locally, they also spend time with the children at the Boys and Girls Club of Westminster.

“Apart from our philanthropy, we like to raise awareness and money for important causes in our society/community such as the Black Lives Matter movement as well as struggling members of our community who need a little extra help,” said Ackerina.

Phi Mu was founded in 1852 and is the second oldest female fraternal organization established in the United States. “To me, Phi Mu means having a group of people that share common interests and care about your philanthropy as much as you do,” said Hayley Willey, Phi Mu’s membership director.

Phi Mu’s philanthropy is Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and has raised nearly $14 million to date nationwide.

“Phi Mu is a group of some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and they care about raising money for our philanthropy and having fun while doing it…our values are love, honor, truth, and so many [Phi Mus] show these values,” said Willey.

Despite the new online recruitment format, Willey feels confident that Phi Mu is prepared to welcome potential new members (PNMs). “The president and I dedicated hours to planning work week and recruitment, discussed potential flaws and plans but we have solutions ready,” said Willey.

Alpha Sigma Tau, or AST, is most frequently recognized by their green color scheme and anchor symbol. They have been on campus since 2012. “Alpha Tau is one of the four sororities on campus here full of girls from many different majors, sports teams, groups and orgs on campus, and a variety of personalities which all make the environment so fun,” said Cammie Botterill, AST’s VP of Growth.

“To me, Alpha Tau is a second family and a place to come home to. The girls bring out my goofiest sides and are always able to cheer me up when I’m down,” said Botterill.

Alpha Tau’s values include graciousness, respect, intellect, connections, and excellence. “I want PNMs to know that AST is a safe space, where everyone is included and feels comfortable in expressing themselves,” said Botterill.

AST’s local philanthropy is BARCS, an animal rescue center in Baltimore. “While covid-19 has set back some of our assistance to the shelter, we are hoping to find more connections and ways of giving back to the community,” said Botterill.

“We also support our national philanthropy, the Women’s Wellness Initiative, by aiding women in all areas of life, from donating to the rape crisis center in Westminster to utilizing chapter time to build resumes and hearing from alumni about how to create a career you love while using sisterhood connections,” said Botterill.

Phi Alpha Mu, Phi Alph, has been around since 1926 and is the only local sorority on campus, which means that it has no ties to a national affiliate organization.

“To me, Phi Alph means having a group of girls that support me and welcome me, quirks and all. I know they will always be there for me even after my time at McDaniel is over,” said Sade Segovia, Phi Alph’s Head of Recruitment.

“I want PNMs to know that Phi Alph is so excited to get to know them! [We] are all about having a tight knit and small group of girls that are able to create individual connections with each other and support each other through everything,” said Segovia.

Phi Alph’s values include love, trust, and loyalty. “We value the idea that everyone should be welcomed in Greek life and deserve to have a community of people that love and support them,” said Segovia.

Their main philanthropy is the House of Ruth, located in Baltimore, which is a shelter for women and children who are or have been victims of domestic abuse. “We rely heavily on the local status of our organization to foster a feeling of pride for being a Phi Alph,” said Segovia.

Overall, all four sororities want you to know that virtual recruitment is a new and exciting experience for them, too. “Virtual recruitment is new and unfamiliar to not only PNM’s but to the sisters of every chapter on campus. So it is okay to be nervous; we all are!” said Ackerina.

“You can use Greek life to help build a resume, make new connections, and gain important skills such as leadership and communications… Being a Phi Mu means you are never lonely. Having people to pick you up when you’re at your lowest and congratulate you at your highest makes it all worth it,” said Willey.

“You should go Phi Alph to find a group of people who genuinely want to get to know you and support you through all the endeavors of their lives. No matter your interest or passions, you will always be loved and welcomed in Phi Alpha Mu,” said Segovia.

“Alpha Tau has made a huge impact on every girl in the sorority, past and present, and is a thoughtful, caring and well put together group of girls who encourages the best in every woman…I have confidence that every girl in Alpha Tau will welcome the new girls with open arms, even if we can’t give bid day hugs this year,” said Botterill.

“Being a part of Greek life doesn’t put a label or stereotype on you, because you will get to meet a great group of girls who will support you, your career, your other friendships and relationships, your time, your values, and so much more!”