An interview with Paul Moyer, Athletic Director

The following is what I transcribed from my interview with Paul Moyer:

On the timing of the announcements:

“They didn’t resign on one day.  We don’t talk about personnel actions at the College, but the bottom line is you have conversations with your entire department, over the course of years, but in my case over the course of my first year here.  I think all the coaches understand where we’re going, what we’re doing, in some cases, it’s not going to work out with individual coaches in their personal lives and their own goals and aspirations and, you know, this is the end of the fall season, so that’s when these things normally happen.  It may look like it’s all on one day, but they were not all on one day.”

Moyer said, in response to the fact that the volume and timing of the decisions were catching people off guard “that’s jumping to a conclusion that isn’t there.”

“The coaches made decisions on different days, even though we packaged the announcements together, so from our perspective, it was better to put them all together for the public rather than one at a time at a time.  To just continue that process over weeks and weeks doesn’t make sense.”

On why the football coach’s resignation was announced independently of the other coaches:

“I think that ultimately this is probably driven by external media markets.  I don’t put any less interest on our women’s soccer players or our volleyball athletes than I do with our football athletes, and I’ve talked to all the athletes and I think they understand that we put as much emphasis on their programs as we do on football.”


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