Three Seasoned McDaniel Coaches Resign Without Warning

This evening at 6 p.m. McDaniel students received a notice that the McDaniel athletic department took a big hit to its staff. Carole Molloy, Bryan Shumaker and Tin Keating “stepped down” from their head coaching positions here on the Hill.

Keating leaves McDaniel after his 19th season coaching the Green Terror football squad. Keating certainly will be regarded in the upper echelon of not only McDaniel football coaches, but of any coaches in Centennial Conference history. His seven conference championships (most in McDaniel history) and five straight NCAA playoff births (1997-2001) are sure to earn Keating a spot in the McDaniel athletic Hall of Fame.

In an email to McDaniel students first year athletic director Paul Moyer said, “Coach Keating has exemplified the values of all our coaches in guiding students through their educational journeys on the Hill. We thank him for that service.”

In another email from Moyer to students he spoke of the resignations of Women’s soccer coach Bryan Shumaker and women’s volleyball coach Carole Molloy, “Both Carole and Bryan have exemplified the values of outstanding coaching leadership and have played immeasurable roles in guiding hundreds of students in their educational journeys on the Hill.”

Molloy, another 19 year veteran coach at McDaniel has also led her women’s volleyball team to multiple centennial championships (2), and has enjoyed a successful coaching career at here at her alma mater.

Shumaker has coached the McDaniel women’s soccer team for the past five seasons and over them has guided the girls to 18 victories.

None of the three coaches will be returning to coach on the Hill next season.


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