Campus Announcements Gets a New Look

Have you checked your email lately? If so, perhaps you’ve noticed something different about the campus announcements. On Monday, Jan. 30, the announcements debuted a new look designed to allow users to access individual announcements more quickly.

According to Network Communications System Administrator, Chris Palsgrove, the new campus announcements format is an HTML format that allows users to click on any of the subjects at the top of the page and it will take users directly down to the part of the message they want to see.

By allowing users to click directly on the subject, users no longer have to scroll through the entire email just to view one announcement. Furthermore, each announcement ends with a “Back To Top” link that users can click on to return to the list of announcements at the top of the email. Additionally, the new format includes changes in font and text color.

Changes to the campus announcements aren’t limited to what users see in their inboxes though. Also changing, says Palsgrove, is the way announcements are submitted and approved. Users who submit announcements now have the ability to see whether their announcements have been approved or rejected. This helps prevent the duplication of announcements, since administrators can reject announcements that have been submitted more than once

Web Application Developer, Kenny Huether, was largely responsible for the change in format. Huether, who has worked for the College since August 2011, began the process of changing the format of the announcements about two to three months ago.

“I’m hoping the changes affect the McDaniel community by not only making it easier to view an individual announcement, but to make the submission of announcements easier on everyone,” he says.


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