New Community Garden on Campus


Love to garden? Well, this semester you may be able to contribute to a garden right here on campus.

In the spring of 2012, the Environmental Studies department will begin using a campus garden, started by Dr. Mona Becker. Dr. Becker says she created the garden for several reasons.

“The first is for my research in garden chemistry and the cycling of nutrients/minerals in soils.  This part of the garden will be cared for by students doing research with me.  The second reason I started the garden is to have an area on campus where fresh vegetables are being raised and to increase awareness of sustainability,” said Becker.

Many students have requested a garden for McDaniel in the past, and now there is finally an opportunity for those students to contribute.

Marisa Hrbal, senior and strong advocate of food awareness, is one student who has an interest in the campus garden.

Hrbal envisions the garden as “a valuable resource, not only as a learning tool, but we could possibly begin to use the produce grown in our own cafeterias or have a campus house that acts as a ‘garden house/co-op.”

Although some students, like Hrbal, are graduating seniors who will be leaving McDaniel just as this project is beginning, the campus garden will hopefully become an indispensable part of the college.

Hrbal says, “I will be long gone, but I think the garden is an innovative, yet common sense approach to sustainability at McDaniel College.”

While the garden will primarily be used in research for Environmental Studies students, you don’t have to be an Environmental Studies major or minor to use the garden.

Dr. Becker states, “I would like to see if there is enough interest in campus to begin a gardening club which could be involved with and care for the more communal part of the garden.  I would like to hold an informational meeting before the end of this semester so we can begin to plan for the spring.”

If you are interested in getting involved in the community garden, please email Dr. Becker at The more students who are involved in the garden, the more McDaniel College can work towards sustainability.