Words of Wisdom from the Class of 2012

“Try to find a balance between social life and schoolwork. Also, it’s fairly easy to make friends here since it’s such a small college so you’ll find friends quickly!”


“You get the most things done in the morning. Especially if your friends rise later than you.”


“You will spend money, it will add up, and you will have no idea what you spent it all on. Guaranteed.”


“Never underestimate the importance of a planner.”


“Energy drinks are their own food group.”


“For all the people that you are smarter than, there are people smarter than you.”


“The convenience of having a printer in my room outweighs the cost of ink.”


“A good group of friends makes all the difference.”


“Boredom no longer exists. There is always something to do.”


“People are really sensitive to the sight of red Solo cups. Even if you’re only using one to drink milk out of, they have a bad reputation.”


“Be willing to share everything.”


“The amount of work that needs to be done is proportional to the amount of procrastination devoted to the task.”


“Everything may happen at once, but everything always works out. Just stay positive.”


“Don’t over-commit. Your sanity is more important than another line on a CV.”