A Guide to Greek Life

For most students, starting college can be a time of stress, excitement, or a crazy combination of the two. You are exposed to so many new things at once; it isn’t hard to get caught up in everything very quickly. ¬†Fortunately, you have at least four years to try everything that’s offered at your college and even more fortunately, McDaniel doesn’t fall short with activities and organizations – from Cheese Club to T.V. Club to everything in between – there are many options offered to boost your college experience.

Another option for students looking to get involved would be to consider looking into joining a fraternity or sorority.


Many people frown on Greek organizations because of the negative image they’ve received from popular culture. Countless movies and TV shows have featured rowdy young college students wreaking havoc and getting drunk every day, not to mention the so-called “hazing” of pledges.


What most people don’t realize is that there are far more benefits that come from joining a fraternity or sorority then not. Students who pledge to either a fraternity or sorority find themselves making valuable connections and lifelong friendships as a result of going Greek.


“It’s like a party that lasts a lifetime” said sophomore Erica Burzio, “the people you meet from joining a Greek organization will always be around, even after college.”

Burzio plans on pledging a sorority this fall.


But it’s not all about socializing.


All over McDaniel’s campus, different fraternities and sororities get their members involved with giving back to both the campus and the town of Westminster through service projects and hosting events on campus for others.


Sophomore Emily Ridgely, who pledged Phi Mu last spring, said she “wanted to be more involved on campus while still keeping a solid base to return to at the end of the day.” The community service was also a huge draw for her. “The experiences you have will stay with you for a lifetime” said Ridgely.


There are multiple motives for people to go Greek.¬† Sophomore Ryan Staley said he joined a fraternity because he wanted to “retain the feeling of being on a team in college”, because he was heavily involved in sports all throughout high school.


Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Delta Theta and Phi Kappa Sigma are the three nationally recognized Fraternities with chapters at McDaniel. Alpha Gamma Tau, more commonly referred as “Bachelors” is the only current local fraternity.


For the ladies, Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Sigma Tau are the three sororities that are nationally recognized as well as Phi Alpha Mu, which is the only current local sorority.


For those who are more inclined to give back to the community, McDaniel also offers two nationally recognized Greek Organizations that are solely dedicated to community service, both of which are co-ed. Alpha Phi Omega and Gamma Sigma Sigma are alternatives to the social organizations on campus, yet still provide that sense of community.


Obviously, not everyone that comes through McDaniel will be interested in going Greek. But for those who are, there are different times to get involved and Pledge both in the fall and the spring. Spring is traditionally the more common time to pledge; partially because freshman students aren’t allowed to until they’ve completed their first semester.