Green Terror Battalion completes Fall Field Training Exercise

ROTC Fall Field Training Exercise

On Oct. 5-7, the Green Terror Battalion completed their Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX) at Gunpowder Military Reservation.

Cadets tested their physical fitness, land navigation, troop leading procedures and orders process, field craft, and leadership. Senior ROTC students are responsible for planning the exercise.

“These trainings are physically and mentally demanding, waking up at 0530 every morning, and the entire day is filled with training,” said Cadet Captain Marcus Carter, who noted that there will also be a Spring FTX.

Cadets completed a series of timed obstacles as squads, called the Field Leaders Reaction Course (FLRC).

“At each obstacle, a new squad leader is designated from the squad, who receives a brief set of instructions from an evaluator. The squad leader must then follow the Troop Leading Procedures and direct the squad to accomplish its mission,” said Carter.

During the FLRC, the squad leader is evaluated on his or her ability to communicate with, command, and control the squad. In addition, they much show how they react to change.

“Instead of beds, cadets had to create their own improvised camp site, called a bivouac shelter, and sleep in sleeping bags,” explained Carter. “They are basically tents made out of a poncho, some bungee cords and sticks found out in nature.”

Cadets also used a simulator called the Engagement Skills Trainer to practice marksmanship and many other aspects of firearms training.  Carter described it as “basically a huge video game where cadets or soldiers can practice with their weapon without actually using real ammunition.”

Besides training new cadets, the event also prepares MSIII Cadets for the Leader Development and Assessment Course. This is a 29-day assessment that the college juniors must pass in order to be commissioned as Army Officers, and it takes place at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington State.

The Green Terror Battalion is not only made up of McDaniel students, but also students from Mount St. Mary’s University and Hood College.

“ROTC is a great experience to not only to possibly serve your country one day but to learn life skills and to do things and go places that you would never have done otherwise,” said Carter.

Students interested in joining ROTC should contact Dana Reeder at 410-857-2728. Carter added that students can try out ROTC without committing to the army by enrolling in the ROTC courses.