A Soundtrack for Any Situation

Photo courtesy of Pixabay user T_ushar.

Feeling stressed? Anxious? I’m not going to tell you to go to the wellness center. No, I’m going to tell you to grab your headphones and click this link:


Let me introduce you to William Carney, a 19 year old EDM producer from Virginia Beach that is rapidly gaining recognition from personal blogs and labels all over the country for his electronic and jazz influenced tracks. While most songs start out with a simple beat, Carney takes pride in his music by easing in elements of R&B, and incorporating contemporary vocal samples to achieve a resonance that’s ridiculously original. Whether you’re walking through the city or sleepily staring at the stars, sipping your pumpkin spice latte at Casey’s Corner or trying to think of an excuse for skipping that class, Carney’s mellow tunes are a versatile eargasm fit for any music lover in any situation.

At 15, the producer-to-be had a knack for percussion and easily taught himself how to play piano. As his skills evolved, so did the electronic music around him. Fast beats and wild bass drops were suddenly all over the radio. We’re talking Skrillex. Daft Punk. Wolfgang Gartner. These were the guys that started it all!

Now a sophomore at Tulane University, Carney is on the same path to synthesizer stardom, busy using his talent to record and produce melodies of his own. His greatest work to date is Interstate Radio, a debut full-length album that he produced entirely for free out of his dorm-studio. He hasn’t hit 20 years old and he already has a self-made label, Carneyval Music. Could you imagine??

Interstate Radio has been on the front page of SoundCloud for a while now, with hits like “Big Brother,” “I Feel Good,” “Vitamin C,” “Delayed Gratification” and “Steps” taking YouTube by storm. Although the majority of the album is lyric-less, the songs are anything but meaningless. In fact listeners feel relaxed, and some are reminded of their childhood, while others say they feel like they could run a marathon! Submerged in bass and layers of incoherent kid whispers, “Steps” is a 3 minute and 37 second compilation of good vibes. Carney’s music can veil and distract you from the outside world—or it can enhance your experience of it. It can make you feel as small as a mouse—or it can shoot up your ego and throw you on top of the world. Hope you’re not afraid of heights!

**Warning: May cause abnormal smiling, head-rocking and uncontrollable foot tapping. In severe cases, even dancing.**

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