Hey Good Lookin, What’s Cookin?: A Student’s View on Everyone’s Favorite Dining Hall

Englar Dining Hall. (Kyle Parks / The McDaniel Free Press).

As a high school senior visiting McDaniel College, I have to admit that I was blinded by the endless pizza, cookies, and frozen yogurt that seemed to be Englar Dining Hall. Now as a college freshman, I feel like a child that has caught her father putting gifts under the Christmas tree and must now deal with the reality of the situation: Santa Claus doesn’t exist. In this case it’s the reality that Glar food is not the impressive buffet that I once thought it was. But there’s a bright side to learning of this reality, a bright side that every McDaniel College student has come to take advantage of: I now have a never-ending source of conversation. When meeting new people, during awkward silences, in order to change the subject I can always turn to Glar food to get an entertaining conversation going. But some McDaniel students have taken this great source of conversation to the next level by taking their opinions about Glar online to Twitter. Here’s what some of them had to say:

I think all McDaniel students have thought this at least once a week.

But at the same time, chicken tender Thursday always makes Thursday better.

Students loved the idea of the Thanksgiving Lunch on December 4.

Yet McDaniel students never let a day go by without finding something Glar-related to complain about.

But despite the utter grotesqueness of Glar, we do appreciate it being there when Sunday rolls around and we’re in need of some grease.

However, the best thing about Glar is the fact that it makes all other food taste utterly delicious.

So Glar is bad. It’s something that all McDaniel students have accepted, and have embraced, because now we all have at least one conversation topic that connects us all, even over the web. If you want to join in the conversation online, tweet at the Free Press @mcdfreepress on Twitter or tag the McDaniel Free Press page in a status on Facebook.