Meditating on Music

On Monday nights at 10 p.m., an eclectic group of students gather in the basement of Hill Hall to listen to an equally eclectic playlist of songs that range from house to rap to country to folk and back. These students are part of the Music Meditation Club, a group dedicated to good music and relaxation.

Music Meditation began a few weeks into the fall semester. Junior Lucas Frangou began the club with a few friends in hopes of creating an open space for McDaniel’s many music lovers.

Frangou says he’s wanted to start this sort of club since high school. He wants the club to be an escape from the stresses of college, work and the world. Members find relaxation in the music and in the mellow atmosphere of the club.

Sophomore Brandon Davis says, “Music Meditation is the most relaxing part of my week.”

Each Sunday, club members send in song suggestions to be played at each meeting. Come Monday night, students gather to listen to the songs and discuss their thoughts on them. Occasionally meetings have themes, but often members are encouraged to send in anything that is inspiring them that week.

“Picking a song is probably the hardest part of my Sunday,” says Sophomore Charley Olman.

Now that the club has been around for a while, Frangou is hoping to expand club events. “We’ve been talking about trying to make different events so that we’re kind of a more prevalent club,” Frangou says,  “just so that we’re not doing the same thing every week.”

Their first music movie night was held two weeks ago. The club also hosted a successful jam session in the fall. About future plans, Frangou says “We’re definitely going to do some jam sessions; I think we want to do more and we’ve been talking to SGA about doing a concert night.”

Music Meditation is always looking for new faces. New members interested in coming can check out their Facebook page. Frangou’s advice for new members is simple: “Come with an open mind–you never know what you’ll hear.”

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