60 Seconds: A New Semester

With the new semester now underway, excitement is in the air. Students of Professor Ambrose’s Newspaper Practicum course asked McDaniel students, faculty, and staff what they’re looking forward to most this semester. 


Kenny Rankins

Kenny Rankins

Two of the organizations that I’m president of are having speakers come, so I’m excited to hear what they have to say.

—Kenny Rankins


I am looking forward to finishing one of my two seniors sems.

—Nat Stefanelli


I am excited to meet new people and share my wisdom with new students.

—Ashley Manning


I’m most excited for my statistics class because it will lead to an independent study.

—Logan Wicke


April Runk and Erin Chinery

April Runk and Erin Chinery


—April Runk


Getting through the semester alive.

—Erin Chinery


I’m most excited to learn a new language. I’m studying Arabic.

—Rebekah Cartwright 


I’m excited to geek out about my literature classes.

—Emma Richard


Daniel Schafer

Daniel Schafer

I’m looking forward to fall and the fall colors on campus.

—Daniel Schafer, Visiting Lecturer, English


Meeting new people.

—Jason Swarts


I’m excited to see how my classes go and joining new clubs—the college experience.

—Carrie Kaufmann


Michelle Ortner

Michelle Ortner

My apartment and apartment mates!

—Michelle Ortner


Finishing my two senior seminars on time. Also looking forward to recruit new students into my sorority.

—Brittany Anger


Getting used to all my classes as well as enjoying my favorite class, sociology.

—Karla Liu


Working in my senior seminar in computer science.

—Lisabeth O’Neil


Joseline Cisneros

Joseline Cisneros

That it’s—senior year and for every school break.

—Joseline Cisernos


I am looking forward for my new course, Leading Change. I am also looking forward to learn from the students, to discover new music, and to think in new, unique ways.

—Lisa Breslin, Associate Dean of Student Academic Life


All the activities!

—Jahncie Cook


Doing well in classes and for the football team to do well, since I am on the football team.

—Anthony Portuesi


Samantha Arana

Samantha Arana

My mentees to be involved on campus and finding their place.

—Samantha Arana


Homecoming, since this would be my twentieth reunion.

—Kyle Meloche, McDaniel Bookstore


Driving back and forth to campus, because I love driving.

—John DeLeornardo


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