60 Seconds: What McDaniel’s Campus Needs Most

When asked what McDaniel is missing, these students searched their minds and came up with some genuine, and even humorous, responses:


KamikoKamiko O’Rullian, Senior

From football games to Africa’s Legacy, she wishes that there were more students getting involved on campus. She comments that she wants to see “more students that are leaders and engaged in the community,” but also, “willing to support their peers.”




Alex Tolle, Sophomore

States simply, while laughing, “more comfortable chairs.”





MyKerria McNeill, Freshman

Shares that McDaniel misses the mark when it comes to adequate diversity. She states, “it could be better; the number of minorities could be higher.”  ___________________________________________________________________


Mariah Menguito, Freshman

Wishes there was more variation in dining hall choices. From Glar’s repetitive fruit to its limited meat, she wants to see more alternatives.



Trey-kevin-georgeTrey Ingram, Sophomore (Left): Says, with enthusiasm, “Ball pits.”

Kevin Yrizarry, Junior (Middle): Likes the idea of more outdoor activities and more places for friends to hang out. He proposes, “an outdoor pool.”

George Gil, Junior (Right): “Outdoor basketball courts.”



Drew Scott, Sophomore

Responds, without hesitation, “A beach volleyball court.”