The Case for Studying Abroad at McDaniel Europe

The Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary. Photo by George Pahalishvili for McDaniel College.

Have you ever considered studying abroad at McDaniel Europe, our branch campus in Budapest, Hungary? While McDaniel College offers many study abroad programs to students, the stand-out in the bunch is McDaniel Europe.

McDaniel Europe is located in Budapest, the capital of Hungary and one of Europe’s most stunning cities. The city offers rich historic traditions as well as modern happenings. Hungary’s location within central Europe provides easy access to the rest of the continent, opening up the rest of Europe for exploration.

“But, I can’t study abroad because …” is the start to a sentence that Jennifer Quijano Sax, the Coordinator of International Programs and Services, hears from students who are nervous about studying abroad. Sax shared that many students have false assumptions about why studying abroad is not for them, of which the most prevalent are the “three myths of studying abroad.”

The first myth is that studying abroad costs too much or that it is only for wealthy people. However, all institutional, state, and federal aid can be applied to the McDaniel Europe campus, often making it the most affordable option.

The second is that people who don’t speak a foreign language can only study in English-speaking countries. All classes at McDaniel Europe are taught in English, giving students the option to study in a non-English-speaking country.

The final myth is that studying abroad will delay curriculum requirements. Although this can be a real challenge to students, the International Programs Office encourages all students to swing by to see how their major can be studied abroad.

But why should you study abroad? As the IPO shared, “You’re in college, and it’s just the time to do it.”

We, as college students, are in a developmental stage; we are ready to be transformed and have new experiences, especially if they take us across cultural and national borders that make us uncomfortable.

It’s true that studying abroad can add credibility to resumes and make applicants more attractive to grad schools, but the pure adventure of studying and living in a foreign country can do much more. It opens your eyes to new ideas and cultures, gives you previously unconsidered perspectives, and ultimately acts as a catalyst that can lead you to discover more about yourself by forcing you across a border and challenging everything you know. And honestly, McDaniel Europe is just the right place for such an incredible adventure.


Image Source: McDaniel College on Flickr.