Lilia Márquez Spreads Smiles in Blanche Ward Hall

Lilia Márquez is a McDaniel favorite, especially to those who live in Blanche. Lilia, a Venezuelan native, is a housekeeper in Blanche.

Blanche resident and junior Dan Alberta says, “Everyone on my floor loves Lilia, she’s always just so nice and happy, even when she says ‘hi’ I love it.”

Alberta isn’t the only one. Junior english major Kyle Andrews is part of the community that enjoys Lilia: “She is a really nice, relaxed lady. She is always asking how my day is going. I really appreciate that.”

Lilia came to America from Venezuela in 2003, in part because she married an American man. She has a son named Duane. Previously, she said she had been working as a nursing assistant. While she has been speaking English for nine years, she was interviewed in Spanish. The following quotations from here are translations.

When asked about how she found McDaniel, she remembers, “I saw an opening in the Carrol County Times. I started working in the dining hall, Glar.”

Two years later, she switched to housekeeping.

Lilia, in her usual sunshine-like mood reflects on her job, work ethic, and students. “I like working with you. You are good, educated kids. It makes my job more enjoyable….and it’s just more fun to be happy.”

Still, the McDaniel community and Lilia seem to be a perfect fit for each other. “Working with younger people, saying hi and seeing their smiles; I like it a lot,” said Lilia.

“Lilia is more outgoing than the other housekeeping people that I have come to know,” Alberta says. “Some of the workers can seem distant, but she brings such a warm friendly atmosphere with her.”

Blanche resident Roni Bechtold says, “I don’t know a single person in this building who doesn’t like her. She is just wonderful, we really love seeing her every morning I love this school, and all of the little things about it. The little things really do matter. Lilia’s greetings put a smile to my face as I go on my way.”