Senior Profile: Victoria Mansfield

Victoria Mansfield composing music on her free time

Victoria Mansfield studies music theory and composition here at McDaniel, while balancing other responsibilities. Among these responsibilities are Library Cataloging Clerk, Music Theory Tutor for the Music Department, GA SASS Tutor for Music Theory and Piano Literature, Assistant Choral Director for Dr. Boudreaux, McDaniel Orchestra Librarian, McDaniel Band Librarian, substitute teacher for Flute Choir and Aural Musicianship, among many others.

Besides her job positions on campus, Victoria is also part of McDaniel Trumpeters, Intervarsity, Asian Community Coalition, and Beta Alpha Chi, for which she is the current president.

Victoria plans to pursue her masters in composition and choral conducting after graduation. Her ultimate goal is to earn her doctorate in composition and pursue a job as a professor on a college campus.

In the mean time, Victoria will be occupied with other fun activities. “This year after graduation [I] will be building my composition portfolio through writing for the Baltimore Composers Forum, as well as building choral conducting experience through a position at Calvary United Methodist church as the Youth Choral Director,” Victoria explains.

As a student conductor, Victoria has worked with different musical groups at McDaniel, experience which has allowed to grow professionally. “Student conducting has significantly contributed to my growth as a teacher and as a leader, and also has confirmed my dream to become a professor at a college campus,” declares Victoria. She continues, “I’m extremely privileged to conduct the choir for commencement in May!”

When asked about her time at McDaniel, Victoria admits to have enjoyed McDaniel, putting an emphasis on the one-on-one relationship between professors and students. “Having this concentrated attention and focus in studying with experts in the field has definitely been my favorite aspect of my time at McDaniel. Not only have they provided the knowledge and skills for me to be successful in my field, but they have continually supported me and encouraged me to attain excellence as a musician” says Victoria.

In regards of mentorship influences, Victoria thanks Dr. Linda Kirkpatrick, Dr. Margaret Boudreaux, and Dr. Glenn Caldwell for all of their support and assistance. “Their endless support has been a huge inspiration to my growth as both a musician and a person” states Victoria with a smile in her face.

Victoria’s words of wisdom: “Be flexible with your plans. Always ask questions. Challenge new ideas and opinions, while being open to hearing about them.”