60 Seconds: The Month of Love

Photo by Kyle Parks.

February–a month centered around the gooeyness of Valentine’s Day: full of romance, chocolate, and ever-so-heartwarming condom grams. Some love it, some hate it, and some carry on as if it is any other day. Students were asked about what they did for Valentine’s Day and their overall opinions on the holiday, or the month, as a whole.



Fifi Moussa, Freshman

Enjoyed dressing up for the holiday, and was very excited to spend it with her boyfriend. The pair exchanged gifts and went out to dance, eat, and enjoy their time together. She looks forward to the holiday every year.


IMG_5684Simeon Hickey, Freshman

Hung out with friends. He thinks the holiday is sweet but hyped up with the wrong, often materialistic, things. For him, the day is also a celebration of his mother’s birthday, and the love of family.



IMG_5681Jeb Shingler, Junior

Was very happy with how his Valentine’s Day went. He spent it with his girlfriend of nearly four years, ordering chinese takeout and having a picnic in her room. He is glad that Valentine’s Day is a holiday, but thinks that the values Valentine’s Day represent should be something displayed throughout the year.


Grace Lyons, SophomoreIMG_4161

Spent Valentine’s Day doing homework. She does not care much for the holiday, or the traditions surrounding it.



Lizzie Sexton, Freshman

Likes the fact that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of loving others. She hung out with her boyfriend and also went out for her birthday, which was on the same day. She likes the fact that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of loving others. She also thinks it is important to love one’s significant other always, but enjoys having one day out of the year to solidify that love.


Kara Kurzawa, Senior

Is not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. Believes that the holiday is separate from the themes it represents, like love, friendship, and togetherness. She thinks that if every month was like February, “every day would be a lot better.”