Q & A With Nick Over

Nick Over is a sophomore goalie on the men’s soccer team. In this interview, he discusses his thoughts on the season and the off-season training it takes to prepare for their upcoming season.

Q: Your thoughts on the season?
A: I was very disappointed with our season. We went from 7-7-2 to 3-10-3. Each game we were always in the contest but couldn’t seem to finish it out. The skill level wasn’t where it needed to be.

Q: What does it show you about a team’s character after a tough lose or a great victory?

A: You would expect teams to show some professionalism after a victory or a defeat. You really see what a team is made of after a loss. Someone who blames the ref or doesn’t shake hands doesn’t have good character. At the end of the day it’s all on you and you have to accept that.

Q: In your opinion, what do you think athletes should be doing in their off-season?
A: I think they should be working on becoming stronger. Also, working on their specific skill sets. Its also good to take breaks and not to over do it.

Q: What coaches do you work with in the off-season?
A: n the offseason we work with coach Canter. This is our first year working with him and we have really become closer as a team because of it.

Q: What is the most important part of your off-season?
A: The most important part is walking away from the sport. The last thing you want to do is become burnt out.

Q: What are 2-3 things you do in your training that make you successful?
A: One thing I do as a goalkeeper is to always end a drill on a save. This gives me confidence as well as create muscle memory to make it easier in a game. Another thing I do is make sure the practice is perfect. The term “practice makes perfect” is incorrect. Perfect practice makes perfect. You have to do the skill or drill the correct way or you will do it wrong in the game.

Q: What is the most important part of practice for an athlete?
A: The warm up has to be the most important part. It’s the time of the day where you can relax and take your mind off things. It’s also crucial to be properly stretched out for the practice.

Q: What made you decide to play soccer?
A: I was lucky. My parents always put me in different sports and supported me if I wanted to play a new sport no matter what it was. Soccer was the first sport I started and I just fell in love with it. No other sport I tried came close to the passion I have for soccer. My father had played and he was also a goalie.

Q: What team or opponent do you feel is your main rival?
A: Most would say Hopkins but for me it’s Gettysburg. In my two years at McDaniel we have split games. We always have a good game when we play each other. Plus, I can’t stand playing stuck up rich kids, always makes for an intense game.

Q: Is there a certain time of the season you think is tougher or more difficult than the rest?

A: For us, conference play is the toughest part of our season. It usually begins in the middle of the season when injuries start to build. Our conference is one of the hardest in D3. The past two years three teams each year have constantly been in the top 25 and three teams have made the NCAA tournament each year.

Q: What was the best advice you were given?  
A: It’s a simple game. All that means is don’t complicate things, have fun with it.

Q: What are your goals for the following season?
A: We are hoping to improve to a winning record and go at least .500 in conference.