Senior Profile: Maggie Heller

Photo courtesy Maggie Heller
What is your preferred name and major(s) and minor(s)?
 My name is Maggie Heller and I am a studio art and cinema major with a minor in art history.


What are some of the jobs you held at McDaniel?
 I worked for the Finance Office Aid in the finance department, IT student worker, and Broadcast Intern for McDaniel Athletics.


What organizations were you part of at McDaniel?
 I was part of TV Club, Film Club and Edgar Allen Poe Club.


Tell us more about your story at McDaniel. How much did you enjoy your time at McDaniel? Who do you think is/was your best mentor(s)? What were some of the challenges you encountered and did how you overcome them?
I loved McDaniel, every second of it and I’ve had a few mentors, my first was Caitlin Bennet and Tricia Meola really helped me through the times I was unsure of myself. Professor Brett and Slade became my Mentors through the Cinema department and they really shaped me into the person I am. The biggest challenge was time management and I solved that by just focusing on what I need to get done and then taking time to myself.


What are your plans for after graduation?
 I’ve been accepted to the Disney College program and I actually start orientation on the 6th of June so I will be relocating to Orlando, Florida.


What is your best memory at McDaniel? What is your worst memory at McDaniel?
Best memory by far was Jan Term 2016, we all decided to go to Disney World together and it was the most magical trip ever, we had so much fun. Worst memory was McPlague 2014, I was so sick and stuck in bed! It was not fun!


What advice can you give to those not graduating?
My advice that I want to give to the undergrads is to think outside the box, take some chances, take a class that sounds interesting because this is the only time you can. This has been the best four years of my life and make it the best four years of yours!


Anything else you want to share with the world?
Once a green terror always a green terror! Thanks McDaniel!