Writer of the Week: Brandon Sanderson

Born in December 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Brandon Sanderson has had an affinity for literature since childhood. As a child, he enjoyed reading, but it wasn’t until eighth grade that he found his love for writing thanks to the introduction of Dragonsbane, by Barbara Hambly, into his life.

Sanderson enrolled at Brigham Young University in 1994 as a biochemistry major, but later changed disciplines, pursuing an English major, after taking time off to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

After this radical change, he worked as a night desk clerk at a hotel in order to help pay for his schooling, and due to the simple fact that he was allowed to write during work hours, he was able to earnestly write.

In 2005, after a compilation of rejection letters, Sanderson published his first novel, Elantris, after Moshe Feder at Tor showed interest in this book in 2003. From this point on, Sanderson has published many more books, including The Alloy of Law, Warbreaker, and The Way of Kings, among many others.

Perhaps one of Sanderson’s biggest achievement, he was chosen to continue author Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, after his untimely death in 2007.

The works of Sanderson revolve around a mixture of the fantastical with the science fiction narrative, creating universes that defy explanation. His early years as a biochemistry major can sometimes be seen reflected in the way he intertwines science with literature.

To read more about Sanderson’s life, or to to keep updated on his latest works, you can visit his website here.