(Image courtesy of Pixabay user PublicDomainPictures).

ANW: Albert Norman Ward Hall, an upperclassman residence hall next to the gym.

Big Baker: Baker Memorial Chapel, the church that is in front of the fountain.

Blackboard: An “online classroom” website where your professors can give assignments and upload grades; it is important to check this often.

Caboose: The caboose by the football field is a reminder of the Western Maryland Railroad which McDaniel was originally named after.

Campo: An informal name for the Department of Campus Safety, home to our campus police, whose office is located at 152 Pennsylvania Ave., across the street from the Gardens Apartments.

Caseys’ Corner: A coffee shop inside Hoover Library serving Starbucks products.

CEO: The Center of Experience and Opportunity, they are located around the corner from the dining hall, and can help you write a resume, decide your major, or any number of other professional things.

Chicken Tender Thursday: Every Thursday, the dining hall serves chicken tenders for lunch.

Contrast: A literary magazine on campus that takes student submissions and is released every spring.

Decker: May refer to Decker College Center, the building in the center of campus containing many offices and the dining hall, or Decker Auditorium, an auditorium located in Lewis Hall of Science.

DMC: Daniel Maclea Hall, a mixed-year Honors Program residence hall located across the parking area from Rouzer.

Fall Fest: A festival that happens annually in town at the end of September featuring vendors, live music, carnival rides, and a parade.

First Stop: Located on the second floor of the library, First Stop is an office designed to help first-year McDaniel students with anything they need to have a successful first year.

Forum: A multipurpose event space in the lower level of Decker College Center.

Free Press: McDaniel’s school newspaper which you’re reading right now! We’re always looking for writers.

Free Shelf: A bookshelf by the mailboxes where people can put things they no longer want and others can take. No trash, please.

The Funion: The satirical issue of the Free Press released each April Fool’s Day.

FYS: First Year Seminar, a course required for each first-year student as part of the McDaniel Plan.

Gardens: The apartments down the steps from the Rouzer parking lot, across the street from Campus Safety.

Gill: The gymnasium complex.

Glar: Englar Dining Hall, the dining hall on campus, located in Decker College Center.

Green Terror: McDaniel’s aptly named mascot.

GTP: Green Terror Programs, a student organization on campus that puts on free weekly events such as trivia, Weekend Blitz field trips, and game shows.

The Hill: A nickname for McDaniel, as well as the name of the alumni magazine.

Hoover: The library, which is located across from Hill Hall.

ILL: Interlibrary Loan, a way in which students can borrow books, articles, and magazine from other schools through the Hoover Library website.

I Love the Hill: February is I Love the Hill month, where students, faculty, staff, and alumni celebrate why we love our college.

Innovation Challenge: An annual competition run by the Encompass Distinction where students pitch business ideas for a cash prize.

Jan Term (January Term): During the extra long winter break, students have the option of taking a class either on campus or abroad. You are required to take at least one during your four years here.

Klitzberg Pavilion: An area just inside Gill where students can chat, do homework, and hang out.

Little Baker: Baker Chapel, located in between the theater and Peterson Hall.

McDaniel Facts: A Facebook page with “facts” about the College.

McSwagger: A term coined by President Casey, used often during important speeches.

Meal Exchange: Each meal plan comes with a certain number of “meal exchanges” which you can use at the Pub. These do not come out of your standard dining hall swipes, but are a separate tally.

Memorial Bell: The bell in Red Square, used to “ring in” during New Student Orientation and “ring out” after graduation.

Memorial Plaza: Commonly known as Red Square, it’s the space in the middle of campus by Hill Hall and the library.

North Village: An apartment complex located beyond the gym.

ODI: The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, located across from the dining hall which coordinates events and programs and works with multicultural student organizations.

1Card: Your ID card which is used to swipe into Glar, laundry machines, and at various vendors on and off campus.

OrgSync: A website with information about all clubs and organizations on campus, such as meeting times, upcoming events, and contact information.

OSE: The Office of Student Engagement, located across from the dining hall which aids student organizations and Greek-lettered organizations, and hosts events.

PA Ave.: Pennsylvania Ave., a street bordering the far side of campus where many student houses are located.

Pub: Another dining option located across from the bookstore where you can pay with meal exchanges, McDaniel Bucks, cash, or card.

Red Square: Another name for Memorial Plaza, the gathering space between the library and Hill Hall.

Roger Casey: The current president of the College. His office is located in Decker College Center, and his house is across from the theater.

Rouzer: The first-year residence hall located next to/attached to Decker College Center.

SASS: Student Academic Support Services, an office located in Merritt Hall that provides aid to students with documented disabilities.

Spring Fling: A celebration during the spring semester with inflatables, food, tie-dye, and other fun activities.

WMC: Western Maryland College, the former name of the College until 2002.

Whiteford: One of the first-year residence halls, located behind Hill Hall.