Lost keeps Viewers Hooked for Last Season

Devon McAndrew

Staff Reporter

Walking through the forest at night is a more dangerous task this season in LOST. Like most LOST fans, I watch the new episode every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. But watching the episode is not really enough when they are chasing unknown objects all across the island; I’m bound to miss a connection between one of the characters. That is the reason for the repeat episode at 8:00 p.m. right before the new episode. It reviews last week’s episode before the new episode and includes commentary bar at the bottom of the screen with text explaining how some parts refer to past episodes as they appear. They help connect parts from older episodes that might have been missed or for the new viewers who find themselves lost.

A large aspect of the show, drawing in 12 million viewers each week, is the questions we seem to always have at the end of each episode. Slowly, this last season is answering questions about the black smoke monster and who Jacob really is.

As questions are answered on the Island it doesn’t help when we have so many other questions about the events that take place during the flash sideways.

As questions are answered about the survivors of flight Oceanic 815 and their past, we see these “flash sideways” which are their lives as if their flight had landed and their lives never touched the island. Their lives the passengers of flight Oceanic 815 still intermingle. We see Claire and Kate’s lives connect in the taxi and in the hospital when Aaron is born.

The fact that each character is still connecting with other characters after the plane has safely landed in America creates more questions. It does tell us how their lives are different without the Island. But, are their lives better back on the Island?

As the season comes to a close with only 10 episodes left until the 2 hour grand finale, hopefully more questions will be answered and fewer questions asked.

One thing is for sure, Lost will be remembered as the show that kept their viewers completely lost until the very end.