Dinner with the President

Zachary Brown

Staff Reporter

Reading through the campus announcements on Nov. 4, I came across the heading, “Dinner with the PREZ!” I couldn’t resist reading through the explanation, so I discovered that President Roger Casey and his wife, Robyn Allers, were hosting a dinner party for the first 20 students to reply to the announcement, and that those students would then be going to the current theatre production, Wonder of the World. I replied directly after reading that, thinking that any President that raps at Convocation must be interesting to have dinner with.

I was not let down. The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming! Dr. Casey and Ms. Allers engaged us in discussions about school and our lives alike. Once everyone had arrived, we made our way to the kitchen area, where a buffet style set up of, Citrus Salad, Green Beans, Cuban Sweet Potato Mash (Ms. Allers own recipe) , Caribbean Jerk Chicken, and for desert, a S’Mores Brule. We all indulged in both the food and the conversation with President Casey, topics ranging from registration for classes and the new name for the former Sandella’s (which has been chosen… but he wouldn’t tell us) to our hobbies outside of school and where we were all from.

After dinner and desert was finished, we gathered ourselves up and walked across the way to the Theatre. “Wonder of the World” was a comedy of unexpected proportions, causing the audience to burst with uncontrollable laughter throughout the entire production.

All in all, the experience was wonderful in every sense of the word. I would certainly go again if given the chance. Thanks to the McDaniel Theatre for their fine production, and especially to President Casey and Ms. Allers, for welcoming us into their home for a night of food and entertainment.