The Lighter Side: Students do more than study over jan term

cullenCullen Murray-Kemp

Staff Reporter

Jan Term is a time for light schoolwork and relaxation for the 300 or so McDaniel students who remain on campus over the break every year. Still, in the words of the infamous Beastie Boys,“You gotta fight, for your right, to parttyyyy.” And over the icy days, McDaniel students did just that.

Angry at the cold weather and the strenuous classes, students vented on anything they could find. This venting took its toll on buildings and parked cars alike, mounting to 10 separate Campus Safety write ups for malicious destruction of property over the short break.

The vandalism came to a fierce climax on Jan. 15, aka the day the Steelers knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs in catastrophic fashion. The night held four separate vandalism scandals, three in North Village alone.

Yet, as the holiday continued the criminals and crimes became more inventive and, well, festive. One jovial Christmas fanatic, thought it necessary to add to his holiday ornament collection by thieving Christmas decorations from Hoover Library. Needless to say, the fanatic was hit with a cheerful holiday larceny charge for his or her efforts.

In an attempt to make “yellow snow,” two more students were busted for public urination.

Jan Term was capped by an incident outside of Harlow Pool in which a non-student found it necessary to rip every single light off of the side of the building.

Fortunately, the disobedient intruder paid full restitution and the lights were restored– good as new.

Jan Term 2010-2011 here at McDaniel was eventful to say the least. Students stood strong in upholding the reputation: No serious learning or strenuous academic endeavors…party on!

(Editor’s Note: This column by Cullen Murray-Kemp is dedicated to some of the calls to which Campus Safety officers respond. Incidents actually occurred, but the names of the culprits are not included to protect the not-so-innocent).