Lighter Side: McDaniel Students Party Their Way Into the Semester

During the month of February 2011 students choose to jump back off the wagon to drink, smoke, and run across campus butt naked at 2 a.m. – everything that the suits expect us college kids to do. The ever so liberal McDaniel female that decided on a mid-morning streak session was unfortunately rounded up by campus safety and slapped (not literally) with an “indecent” exposure charge.


Once again, alcohol is assisting the student body’s journey to the porcelain with double-digit alcohol violations and write-ups this February, the reason being that the only way to raise our tolerance is to train now by consistently drinking until Spring Fling – no one wants to take care of the roommate who decided to consume a fifth of tequila for the first time on Spring Fling.


February also contained a hint of violence on the Hill. One McDaniel student was allegedly threatened by another with a knife or blade of some sort. The incident occurred in the Daniel Maclea building, or honors hall… hmmm.


Rounding out this month’s serious crimes here at McDaniel College were none other than – dun dun dun – computer crimes! These are illegal downloads of movies, songs, or video games by students that are investigated by the authorities over at IT.


Yet, there is hope that the naked girl threatening an honors student while illegally downloading The Sims will grow up and stop having so much mischievous fun once she hits the real world. Then again, what’s a McDaniel student without a little creative scandal in ‘em?



Campus Safety Blotter by the Numbers:


Gardens: Alcohol-1

Blair Stadium: Alcohol-1

Blanche Ward: Alcohol- 2 Vandalism- 2

PA: Alcohol-2 Drugs-1 Vandalism-2

Rouzer: Alcohol-2

Whiteford: Alcohol- 1

North Village: Took the month off.


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