Warm Weather Brings Fresh Changes to Glar

Administrative adjustments by President Roger Casey have placed Beth Gerl, Dean of Student Affairs, in charge of food services beginning after spring break. She is more than enthusiastic to be involved in this aspect of student life.

Gerl will be taking over the responsibilities currently held by Mary Jo Colbert and Ethan Seidel. When asked about the change, Mary Jo Colbert remarked “I would say I have mixed feelings. There have been a lot of challenges in food services and I am very excited to see the new dining hall renovation in progress.” Colbert is also glad to have more time to focus on her main priority, the Conference and Auxiliary Services Office.

An enthusiastic Gerl wants to work directly with students to make things better. She plans to create committees of students to work directly with her and Sodexo in order to find out “where there are concerns and how to provide better services” to the students who depend on Glar for two or three meals a day.

Gerl plans to rely on the atmosphere in order for students to have a “true, positive dining experience,” so although students may feel like they are sitting in Panera, there won’t be any change to the food being served.

“Everything will be presented differently and kept hotter and fresh,” Gerl said, adding that she hopes students can appreciate the positive changes that are in their future rather than focusing on the negatives of the situation.

Freshman Kailey Beck remarked that the atmosphere might help, “but only slightly, then the effect will wear off…people know that the food isn’t changing.” Junior Courtney Zimmerman had an opposing opinion, “we definitely needed a change in how things were before, so I’m excited to see what it will look like when all is said and done.”

Gerl is certainly excited about her new responsibility. She noted that students who have complaints just need to keep in mind that she wants to hear what’s up, so be loud with constructive criticism and help make the new Glar better for everyone.

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  1. I am on the same page as the student who commented in the article. However, for different reasons in so far that the effects of the new dining hall will wear off. So long students continue to maintain their sense of "entitlement" to high-quality products they will never be satisfied, and will proceed to complain about something else.

    I am unsure why the Dean of student affairs, and or Vice president, would take over the responsibility for the food services. By at large, students are un-aware of the fact that the school is currently contracted with Sodexho. Thus, the *current* meal plans that were purchased by the students determines what food will be served in the dining hall. So, it is up to the students on what type of food they want.

    Therefore, the only way for the dining hall to provide *better* food would be to pay much more for the meal plan. The cost could be as much as 13 to 14 percent. Another issue when dealing with higher quality food is the options. The higher service you pay for the less options there are. Who wants a dictated meal plan?

    Thus, it is time to stop feeling "entightled" to better food, and look into all of the variables of the given situtiation. Just because the school went to the "top" does not mean changes will occur!

    BE GRATEFUL!!!!!!

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