New Technology Could Mean Better Gym Experience

Liz Mirizio


The new question at the gym may not be what equipment is available, but whether the available equipment features a personal television.

Normally the elliptical and treadmill users at the gym have the option to watch television programs while working out to help the time pass and shed weight. A large television mounted on a wall in front of the cardio equipment allows entertainment to be had by all. This is a very enjoyable privilege until the other users pick a show or channel that is not enjoyable for everyone surrounding them.

Having to share the same channel with everyone else can be a hassle such as losing the remote or having bad television sharing manors like volume or channel choosing. Monika Lemke, a gym user, also shares that sometimes when watching the community television, she views things that are disturbing and uncomfortable to watch.

Lemke does speculate that individual televisions would potentially make the communication issues between human beings worse by further cutting off the need to interact with other humans.

However, Dan Green points out that an unpleasant television viewing experience at the gym not only effects your mood, but also the quality of your workout. If everyone could enjoy what they wanted then they could focus more on getting healthy.

Lemke also was supportive of individual televisions, agreeing it would be cool to be able to change the channel. As shown there are plenty of pros and cons to sharing a television with stranger so is this new technology in gyms beneficial or harmful?

Treadmills and numerous other pieces of cardio equipment can have individual televisions connected to the control pads. The users can pick the volume, the show, and change anything whenever they like.  There is no risk of remote loss or viewing a show that is uncomfortable or un-enjoyable. This revolution has popped up on a few machines at the local Hanover YMCA and is sure to be an epidemic soon.

Only time will tell if this technology advance will last or be halted in its tracks due to funds or lack of enthusiasm. Keep an ear out for more information on this debate at your local gym.