Faculty votes to cut physical activity requirement

The Gill Center houses the Merritt Fitness Center, Gill Gym, and kinesiology department where most activity classes are held. (Marya Kuratova / McDaniel Free Press)

Starting this fall, both current and future students will no longer be required to take two gym classes in order to graduate.

On Thursday, Sept. 12, Provost Julia Jasken sent an email to all undergraduate students detailing the removal of the physical activity and wellness requirement from the McDaniel Plan.

“Given the reality that over one-third of our student population receive waivers due to involvement in athletics and other recreational activities, and given the desire for other students to independently determine a level of physical activity that works best in their busy lives,” the email read, “the faculty voted earlier this week to no longer include physical activity and wellness credits as a requirement for graduation.”

Jasken stressed that this is not a budget-related decision, nor will it limit the variety of gym courses offered at the College. Students are still welcome to take these courses if they are interested, and those who are majoring or minoring in a field that requires activity courses still must fulfill this requirement.

Though the deadline for dropping session A activity classes has passed, an exception will be made for students who no longer wish to continue the course. They are encouraged to email regoffice@mcdaniel.edu no later than Monday, Sept. 16.

Students enrolled in session B and C courses can use the Student Planning site to drop the activity classes.

Sandy Clark, College registrar, followed up on Jasken’s email to explain that the requirement may still show up on student accounts on the Student Planning site. The Registrar Office hopes to update the change in requirements across student accounts by the end of the fall semester.