“Welcome Week” successfully gets students involved

BINGO for Books, Sundaes on Mondays, Movie on the Lawn, Involvement Fair. These are only a few of the 18 events featured during “Welcome Week,” a new event series sponsored by the Office of Student Engagement.



“We wanted to really showcase for all students things to do on campus, ways to get involved,” said Christine Workman, director of the Office of Student Engagement (OSE).



One of the most significant happenings was a new twist on an old event. The Activity Fair that used to be held in the Forum was moved outside and dubbed The Involvement Fair.



“It was really successful,” said junior Hanna Martin, speaking for Asian Community Coalition. “We got about 30 names. I think it would’ve been better if we’d been placed closer to Red Square.”



For the event, Englar Dining Hall was shut down and moved outside to Memorial Square, where over 900 people ate.



Ms. Workman said that OSE was impressed with the “amazing turnout,” and plans to hold the Involvement Fair outside again next year, weather permitting.



The other Welcome Week events were also well-attended, and OSE plans to add a few more events next year.



“Since this was the first year, we wanted to make sure we had well-rounded opportunities for students,” explained Ms. Workman. “We had such a good turnout, we’ll be able to start planning in the Spring.”



Spring planning will allow campus organizations to get involved and host their own events.



OSE sent a Welcome Week assessment to 600 students, but welcomes suggestions and feedback from everyone.