8 Real Tips for Orientation

Now that you’re all moved in, McDaniel Class of 2017, you still have a few days of orientation ahead of you. Here are some tips for making the best of that time.

1. Meet and talk to as many people as you can. Not only will you connect with people from a greater variety of backgrounds, but you might also get a feel for who might make a good friend down the road

2. That being said, remember that it takes time to make real friends and that the people you find yourself hanging out with during orientation might not be the people you spend time with a month from now. Don’t worry—all of this is okay.

3. Be yourself. Put your best foot forward by showing your best self, but don’t be someone who you’re not just to impress people.

4. Don’t go to only the mandatory events on your orientation schedule. Going to optional events can help you meet more people, learn more about McDaniel and have more fun. Basically, you don’t have to get up and sing on karaoke night, but you should at least go and watch.

5. Spend some time getting to know at least a few of your classmates in your FYS. Having connections to a few people in your FYS (and all of your other classes) is useful so that you can reach out to someone to discuss readings and assignments.

6. If possible, take some time to let your peer mentor get to know you better. Your peer mentor is a great resource on academic and student life no matter what, but the more they know about you, the better they can help you once the semester kicks off.

7. Get some sleep at night. Enough goes on during orientation to wipe you out and you don’t want to be completely drained of energy right before classes start.

8. Enjoy orientation! Don’t think of orientation as a bunch of things you’re forced to go to. Think of it as summer camp for college kids. In a few short days, you will no longer have to spend an entire day going to mandatory events (but there will be plenty of homework to fill your time) so enjoy the ride while it lasts!