Meet the Green: Missy Black

One of the great things about McDaniel is that is allows you to express yourself inside and out as you discover yourself. Melissa Black, I mean Missy Black, has done just that.

From a small town in Pennsylvania, population no greater than McDaniel’s, Missy came to the Hill with a background in running to help keep in shape for soccer. Not only did the running bug bite her, it consumed her. During her sophomore year at Bishop Shanahan, she started an indoor track team at her school since they did not have one. Despite being the go-to girl for the 4×4, Missy is more of a fan of cross country since she does not have to “run for her life like a murderer is chasing her.”

During the beginning of her McDaniel track career, she had some difficulty with anemia but soon came back with a vengeance and a new pregame ritual: juicing. “People would think beets and lime won’t taste good together but they do.” I’ll take your word for it Missy. Another thing she focuses on is the camaraderie within the team. She mentions how close everyone on the team is and how every year they play Secret Sister, their version of Secret Santa.

To prepare for the 2011 season, Missy worked really hard on recruiting freshman. This year the two cross country teams combined are about 50 students but compared to other schools, they’re still a small program. One of the things Missy wishes for is that other athletes take part in not just cross country but the other track seasons to help stay in shape for their own sports season. This level of encouragement is one of the reasons why she is a captain.

To her a captain has to be organized and able to communicate with everyone in a “non-threatening” way. This will certainly help her in the future with her History major, Environmental Policy & Spanish minors and hopes of becoming a consultant.

Her parting request to the cross country team after she graduates this year is that they remain close, but not as a “clique.” She has tried hard to make everyone feel comfortable with one another and wishes for it to stay that way.