The Triple Threat of McDaniel’s Women’s Field Hockey Team


Hope Battista, Michelle Deitrick, and Paige Messersmith are the captains of McDaniel’s Women’s Field Hockey team of 2011. All three girls display a close bond on and off the field. “Everyone on the team is close,” Battista says, “There are only seventeen of us.” By just hanging around these girls for such a little time, it’s hard to see a way they wouldn’t be able to get along.


A senior exercise science and physical education major, Battista’s name may come to mind when associated with the McDaniel Free Press. She spoke to Free Press about switching from a Division I school to a Division III. The transition appears not to be a problem for the Crofton, Maryland native.


Self-described as the “outspoken captain,” Battista commands attention when she speaks but also laughter soon after. The comfort she brings to the team is incomparable to Michelle Deitrick, one of Battista’s co-captains


Deitrick, a senior psychology major, is described as being the most caring on the team. “The team needs to feel comfortable coming to you (a captain),” Deitrick assures. She happily accepts the role of the “mom captain.” She is also very proud to be the President of the Education minor honor society, Kappa Delta Pi.


Deitrick is one of the reasons why the three freshmen on the team are no longer nervous and feel like part of the team. It also helps having Coach Jones, who demonstrated her love of dance by doing “The Spongebob” during a team workout in the weight room.


Last, but definitely not least on the field, is junior Paige Messersmith. The quietest of the three, Messersmith softly mentions being on the All-Centennial Conference list last season. No surprise since she has played field hockey the longest – since second grade.


To her, being a captain means setting the example for the rest of the team. She has done just that on and off the field. Last year she was awarded a department honor on the Green and Gold Honor Roll.


These three ladies united as one make a great team. This is the first time since 2004 that the field hockey team has gone this far into a season being 3-0. “This is it,” Battista exclaims, “That’s our team motto.”


The excitement of starting the season with such a great number is only part of their enthusiasm as they step onto the McDaniel field. The field hockey team was also the first team to make a debut under the new stadium lights of the football field.


“It’s really exciting because other fall teams who are busy with their own season or class can now come see us play. But so can our parents who work during the day,” Deitrick animates.


“Yeah, but sometimes it’s nice to play during the day.” Battista adds. Whether it is under the sun or under the moon, these girls are getting it done. Good luck on your season!