Intramurals Open Playing Field for All

Intramural sports are a way for students to keep active during a grueling semester and offer them a pleasant escape from schoolwork. Some students enjoy playing sports, but cannot give the time required to play at a varsity level, while others simply take pleasure in being active and having fun with their friends. Intramural sports provide these types of students the perfect opportunity to be active without committing an extensive amount of time.


While the focus of intramurals is having fun and staying active, this is not to say that the level of play is not high or intense. Intramural referee Ben Grant says, “the stakes are very high even though it’s just intramurals and people are playing for fun. There have been times when I’ve had to separate players when things are getting a little too heated.”


Intramural sports evoke the same emotions in players as varsity sports, while still allowing them to spend a majority of their time focused on schoolwork. Sophomore Eli Fisher explains, “it’s nice not having to go to practice everyday, but I can still play sports at a high level, while having fun with my friends.” Many other students feel the same way and are thankful for the opportunity intramurals give them.


Contrary to popular belief, intramural sports are not just limited to students; alumni and faculty members are encouraged to participate too. There are several divisions for each of the sports offered, which include coed, A league and B league. The sports offered vary for each of the two semesters. Currently, in the fall semester, the intramural sports offered include, 4 vs. 4 basketball, flag football, floor hockey, a golf tournament, outdoor soccer and a volleyball tournament. During the spring semester, 5 vs. 5 basketball, golf, indoor soccer, softball and volleyball will be offered for the McDaniel community to participate in.


Visit the McDaniel intramural website (, where you can find sign up sheets, rules, information related to intramurals and news from the fitness center.